The “Perfect” Little Black Dress

It’s been said that every woman should own a little black dress. Why? Because little black dresses never go out of style and can be worn on many occassions. Still, just because a dress is black, it doesn’t mean that it’ll automatically work for you. It could still be too revealing, too short, or unflattering for your shape.

Stay with me- I think I’ve discovered the perfect little black dress that will fit almost ALL body types! 2019s perfect little black dress is:

Afforable– It doesn’t matter how much I love something- my budget is first priority when choosing clothing. 2019 perfect little black dress is from Ann Taylor Factory and well under $100.

A-line– the cut of the skirt floats away from your hips. This has a two fold benefit. It creates am hour glass shape for ladies with a boyish figure. For pear shaped ladies, it conceals the hips and thighs.C

Belted– The belted waist works to keep your natural waist defined. Hello hour glass figure!

Classy– The feminine silhouette and cut of this dress is truly classic. It’s something that can worn year after year without looking dated. It even has pockets!

Knee Length- Tall or short, knee length looks great on everyone! Taller ladies will want to hide their knobby knees, while shorter ladies don’t want all that fabric around their ankles. A knee length dress hits the sweet spot for both heights. (For reference, I’m 5’7″ tall wearing size 2.)

Stylish– The style is all in the details! The v-neck of this little black dress elongates your neck without revealing your cleavage. The collar adds another layer of clean lines keeping this dress oh-so-chic! And finally, the poplin fabric feels lightweight for spring!

So do you agree? Have I discovered the perfect little black dress for most body types? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! And if this is the dress for you, click the links below to shop this dress for yourself.

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