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When I first began to develop my style I would look at the fashion magazines and see the sultry images of beautiful women.  Walking in the mall, I would see murals of sexy Victoria’s Secret Models.  Then I would go home and look at myself in the mirror.  I longed to be sultry and sexy, but in my heart I knew this wasn’t the person I was on the inside.

I had to remain true to myself and my morals, no matter what the world around me dictated.  For me to mimic what I saw, only to follow the crowd, would be personal deception.

I’ve come to realize that my personal style really vacillates between two areas: feminine and classy. I often add a dash of attitude to my femininity-thus SASSY.  I always aim to be classy, but in a simply CHIC way.  Therefore, I’ve appropriately named my blog and Instagram account: Sassy Teacher Chic

What’s your personal style?  If you’re still developing it stay tuned for my summer series: How To Develop Your Style.