Redefining “Super Woman”

“Cause I am Super woman.

Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I’m a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I’m a Superwoman” -Alicia Keys

Jocelyn 6 weeks old

Jocelyn 6 weeks old

I love that song!  I sing it out when I’m alone in my car where nobody can hear we screech. However, I didn’t get the complete sense of it.  I interpreted it to mean that a Superwoman doesn’t need help. She has no limitations.  She keeps going strong without help.

4 years ago I was working full-time, regular pioneering, & running my household. My idea of a Superwoman had to be adjusted after the birth of my daughter, Jocelyn.  As a new mom, I was feeling a little sleep deprived.  I’d be okay, I reasoned.  So the house wasn’t as perfect as it normally was.  I’d get to it on the weekend. We were late everywhere. Well, most new parents are. I have given to birth to one baby, not twins.  I said to myself, you’re a school teacher, right?  You manage 22+ children in a day. This is just a matter of creating the perfect schedule. Right?

Jocelyn 9 months old


I realized this the day I fell back to sleep while nursing the baby at 6:00 am. I awaoke suddenly with a start. Ah, it was 7:00! I jumped out the rocker, put the baby back in her crib, and rushed to get dressed for school. I grabbed my purse and lunch box as I left in a flurry. I got to school on time, but when I stepped out of my car I realized there was something terribly wrong. No shoes. Yes, I sure did. I forgot to put on my shoes. I only had socks on my feet.  😂 Oh my gosh! What to do? I stood there in the school parking lot in a state of panic.  Well, the show must go on. I’m Superwoman, right? So I held my head high and marched into the school to collect my 2nd graders from the auditorium. When we reached the classroom I called my husband, Jason, and asked him to bring me shoes. I should have taken this as a wake up call, but I didn’t.  I kept pushing myself.

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I was determined to be my idealistic Superwoman. I was coming and going each day dragging the infant carseat, my breast pump, laptop, diaper bag, purse, and lunchbox. Then one day I heard the grinding sound in my ears. I wasn’t sure what it was.  The next day, the pinching began, shooting searing pain from my neck, down my back, through my arms, and into my fingertips. My unrealistic idealism had finally caught up with me.

The unwillingness to accept my limitations led to spinal subluxation, known as a slipped disc, in my neck. It pinched a nerve causing severe pain and the loss of feeling in my hands. It took 4 months of intense therapy to relieve the constant pain. 😢 I was forced to be modest, slow down, and change my idealistic view of a superwoman.

You too, dear friends, remember to care for yourself, for the dead do not serve God. (Psalms 115:17) I have finally learned my lesson and hopefully, by reading this story, you can too. No heavy lifting for me, but I MUST remain active so the discs in my neck do not fuse together. I’m still a Superwoman, but a realistic one. 🏃Tip: Work hard. Be active, but not to the determent of your health. Remember rest is just as important as physical activity.

Dr. Crabtree adjusting my neck and spine.

Dr. Crabtree adjusting my neck and spine. Before going out of town I always make an appointment for an adjustment.



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