Rejuvinate With A Bel Dam Beauty Box

dsc03854After a week fighting strep throat, a morning of pampering was needed to help ease back into my normal routine. My “Pampering Time” was perfect thanks to my Bel dam Beauty Box.  What is Bel Dam?  Well, Bél dam is from the Haitian Creole language, meaning “beautiful lady.” The Bél dam Beauty Box is a quarterly subscription beauty box offering products, from categories like beauty, fashion, and home décor created by black owned businesses.  The box gives black women access to products that appeal to their skin tones, hair types, and cultural style.  Bél dam also serves the purpose to expose, and sometimes introduce, black owned business to its consumers.dsc03781

Bel Dam was created and founded by Texas native, Starr Howard.  The name was conceived after Starr took a mission trip to Jacmel, Haiti and was encouraged by the strength and natural beauty of the women, the strong sense of community, and the love and support of everyone there. When Starr received the vision of this beauty box, she knew she wanted the purpose to reflect the experience and spirit of Haiti.  That’s where Bél dam was created.

photogrid_1482627379924I was thrilled with the goodies found in my first beauty box. It included:

1. Zayad’s Strand by Strand Wide tooth comb. This was perfect for detangling my hair and Jocelyn’s naturally curly coils (later that day).

2. SOYful Aroma Candle. It’s made from natural soybeans which is non-toxic. Soy candles butn up to 50% longer. Best of all, the smell was amazing!photogrid_14826274559663. Camellia Alise Shaving System, which included a preshave exfoliate, luxuray shave cream, and post shave oil. This 3 step shave system was designed to sooth skin and eliminate ingrown hairs. I was very excited to use this product because I often get ingrown hairs on my legs.photogrid_1482627517311

4. Coilygirls Headwraps. I was thrilled to see the vibrant design. I will have fun learning how to tie it just so!

5. Sew Forgiven Shea Butter Soap and Exfoliating Sponge. The Lemon Lavendar smell was so refreshing!

6. Comfy American Apparel T-shirt

photogrid_1482626345879All in all, a great way to begin the day! Try a Bél Dam Beauty Box yourself. You’ll be pleased to discover great beauty products every season of the year.



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