Ten Spring 2021 Fun Ideas for Kids

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Spring Break has arrived! We have nine days away from school to enjoy the beginning of my favorite season. I’m always looking for fun ways to keep Jocelyn busy when school is out. In the DFW area we’ve come to enjoy:

• visit the Fort Worth Zoo
• go on a family animal safari at Fossil Rim
• explore Dinosaur Valley
• kayak or bike riding along Trinity Trails
• flower picking and pictures at the Tulip Fields

What fun things can you do while staying home? This year, I scored major mom points with my mini-me when I presented her with these cool items:

  • Heat & Eat Meals from Freeli Foods– at age 10 Jocelyn is slowly becoming more and more independent. She enjoys making her own snacks when I’m busy with Baby Jaxson. The Heat & Eat Meals from Freeli Foods are both delicious and easy to prepare. The meals are prepared in little pouches that your little ones can easily heat in the microwave. It’s ready in 45 seconds. Jocelyn enjoyed all 5 flavors, especially the chicken noodle soup. Your kids should give it a try! The discount code is good for 10% off a single box of Freeli. One per email address. Does not apply to Subscribe and Save purchases. Use the Code: babble10 It’s available until April 15, 2021.
  • Action for Healthy Kids Swag– Healthy habits start at home! We parents can promote emotional wellness, good nutrition, and physical activity with our own families. How? By following the daily themes from at www.everykidhealthyweek.org to build your own healthy activities any time. It’s a whole week of stress free healthy fun! Here are the 5 activities + links:
  • Glove-a-Bubbles from ZURU Who knew that a bag of soap could be so fun? Glove-A-Bubbles is a glove with holes that makes bubbles when the glove is dipped in bubble soap and waved through the air. It makes tons of bubbles! This was Jocelyn’s favorite toy out of them all. She twirled all over the backyard creating bubble designs.
  • Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise from ZURU What little girl doesn’t love sparkles, heart, rainbows and unicorns? Can you imagine her excitement when I came across a toy that combined them all. With their surprise, kids get to unbox a soft and sparkly surprise with ZURU Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise. There are 6 new mini rainbocorns to collect and each character comes with a sparkly heart that they can peel to reveal a hidden surprise.
  • A Child’s Introduction to the Environment Book. We’ve been visiting State & National Parks since Jocelyn was an infant. As a result she loves being outside. A book about the great outdoors is a great way to keep your little one academically engaged over Spring Break. A Child’s Introduction to the Environment is a fun and informative guide to our planet, teaching kids ages 8-to-12 about the water, land, and air around us. It’s packed with facts and at-home experiments.
  • Expantech Kids Socks from No nonsense Don’t forget the socks! Jocelyn is growing so quickly, and so are her feet! The Expantech socks from No Nonsense are great for trampoline jumping and bike riding! These socks stay on. The No nonsense Kids ExpanTech Sock features all over stretch technology allowing the sock to grow with your child! This patent pending technology allows the sock to stretch over multiple traditional kids sizes, lasting longer and saving on replacement purchases.

I hope you found these ideas both fun and helpful. Our children are precious. They grow too fast! Take the time to enjoy every moment with them. Enjoy your Spring Break.


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