A Practical Fashionista’s Summer/Fall Maternity Wardrobe

Let’s face it, having a baby is expensive. Often times, those experiences began to add up before the baby ever arrives. One of the first areas can be acquiring maternity clothing for your changing body. However, a maternity wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank!

In 2010, ten year ago, I was expecting our very first baby. From the beginning , I was sure of three things. One, my wardrobe would have to work professionally for school and casually for summer vacation. Two, I wanted to use this same wardrobe with my second child. In order for that to happen, I would need to choose good quality basic items. Three, many women get by without wearing maternity clothing during pregnancy, but that’s not the experience I wanted. With that in mind, I metriciously planned and budgeted money for my summer/fall maternity wardrobe.

Fast forward to 2020, and we’re finally expecting our 2nd baby! While most women would have sold their maternity clothing, I held onto hope, and my maternity wardrobe from all those years ago. I am beyond happy that I didn’t let it go. Here are the 30 items that worked then, and will work now, for another Summer/Fall pregnancy.

1 Nylon Spandex Belly Band

1 Sleep Bra (to prevent sagging and leaking milk)

2 Nursing Bras– supportive bras that latch and unlatched for easy nursing

1 Nursing V-Neck Night Gown and Matching Robe

3 full panel maternity skirts (2 sold & 1 printed)

2 full panel dress slacks (black & gray)

1 pair of denim full panel jeans

2 pairs of full panel shorts (white & denim)

5 Short Sleeve Maternity Tops (3 casual, 2 professional)

3 long sleeve sweaters

4 Dressy Casual Dresses (2 midi length, 2 maxi length)

1 Special Occasion Dress

1 Jacket/Coat

1 Open Cardigan

1 maternity workout leggings

1 maternity swim suit

The only thing ‘outdated’ from my original maternity wardrobe are my denim jeans and workout pants. I plan to replace them with slim/skinny jeans and leggings. Along the way, If I find a dress or two to add to my maternity wardrobe, I will not hesitate to get them. They’ll be used to the full because I plan to pass this wardrobe onto another mama after this pregnancy.

How can you create a similar maternity wardrobe on a small budget?

  1. Borrow maternity pieces from friends.
  2. Shop second hand maternity stores.
  3. Shop the clearance section, online sales.
  4. Buy larger-sized non maternity items and sew them to fit you.

Whether you borrow or buy your maternity clothing, make sure that you look your best without breaking the bank. And don’t feel guilty for getting something for yourself. When you look for best, you often feel it too.


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