Vintage Fashion for the Modern Women

dsc03760The weather is probably the most discussed thing here in Texas.  Texans often say, “If you don’t like the temperature wait 24 hours. It’ll change.”  This especially true of our North Texas Winters and Springs.  With our location near The of Gulf of Mexico we still get those warm breezes from the south.  However, we are still far enough north to catch every Arctic cold front that drifts across the United States. It can go from a sunny 70 degrees one day to snowy 25 degree the very next.  We had Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter like weather all in one week. What’s a fashionista to do?  Do you still wear that cable knit sweater dress when it’s summer like temperatures in the middle of December?

The answer: layers.

“With good basics, you’ll have endless options.”

Scarves, hats, jackets, coats, cardigans, gloves, and ponchos can easily to shed in a moments notice or stay all on day to keep you cozy and warm. I find that having a caridgan in neutral colors always saves the day. Black, brown, and white are essential. From there don’t be afraid to venture into other colors: red, blue, and mustard- to add flexibility and style to your wardrobe.

This tip really came in handy when my new dress from Marah Jade arrived. Marah Jade is budding California based Etsy Shop which sells vintage fashion for the modern woman.  I love the motto: vintage fashion for the the modern woman.  Far too often, I feel that vintage merely means old, and many of those things are just not my style.  However, I really love the Rose Garden Dresses and the Blue Floral dress from Marah Jade. You can view and purchase lovely attire by clicking this link, Marah Jade or follow her on Instagram @marahjadeetsy

The Blue Rose Dress was the first to arrive in the mail. Right away, I was impressed by the fit. It’s excellent!  The length is perfect for my 5 ft 7 inch height, covering my knees.  The cut vintage yet modern.  The print is both timeless and eye catching. The fabric is light weight, perfect for a summer day. However, the problem is that it’s not summer at this moment.  It’s the end of December. The answer to this dilemma? Layers. By adding a black cardigan, black jewelry, and classic black heels- I was able to wear a Summer dress at the beginning of winter. I choose black instead of white to make the dress more winter appropriate. Today’s 72 degree temperatures are perfect for a little cardigan My favorite Michael Kors East West Jet Set Handbag in Sapphire Blue really made this outfit pop!  So if you live in a climate that is bipolar like Texas, or perhaps it’s just warm all of the time, remember to layer! If you’re looking for modest modern vintage fashion be sure to check out Marah Jade.


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