Spring Home Tour

WELCOME! I’m super excited to collaborate with five other ladies to share what we do during Spring to update our homes. Before doing so, allow me to share a little about myself.

“‘I’m Jennifer, a Fort Worth, Texas native. I truly love my hometown, and so does my Californian husband. He moved to Fort Worth, Texas 20 years ago. As a family, we’ve traveled to many places, but Fort Worth is home. As a result, we’ve chosen to stay and raise our two children here. Jason is a commercial photographer and my Instagram hubby. He helps me create content where I share my personal style, family travels, home d├ęcor, and our hometown. Teaching is my passion! I give back to my community by serving as an elementary school teacher. When appropriate, you’ll hear a little about my students. I named my blog Sassy Teacher Chic because I truly believe teachers can set an example in their conduct, dress, and grooming. As educators, we can be chic both inside and outside the classroom! Thanks for being here and allowing me to share my life with you. Now onward to the Spring Home Tour!

We moved into our new home last summer. Then we excitedly welcomed our baby boy just a three months later. Needless to say, between teaching and life with a newborn, I’m not finished decorating. That’s okay. Our home feels like a clean slate. I’m loving the process, especially now that my favorite season of all, Spring, is here! Soon green leaves will sprout, and the flowers will start to bloom. Spring is a return to warmth, but not our intense Texas sun. What better way to welcome a new season than to plant flowers. It’s my favorite way to spruce my home.

After trimming the hedges and cleaninging the beds, I give my attention to flowers. Tulips, Snapdragons, and Daffodils are all lovely. However, Geraniums are my favorite flowers to plant during spring. Their bright colors and large blooming heads make a powerful impact. Every spring my daughter and I take a trip to Calloway’s Plant Nursery to pick out the best ones. I purchased two large ceramic flower pots to keep on my front porch for this reason. We girls love to get our hands dirty while making something pretty. It’s become a wonderful mother-daughter activity.

Our last home was much smaller and had little natural light. In contrast, our new house has many large windows and copious amounts of natural light. This year, I was able to bring my love of plants into our home by two methods.

First, I added a pillow to our entryway bench. It’s one of the first things you see when you enter our home. The beautiful colors work well with our space. House plants oxygenate the air in your home and keep it smelling great. With this in mind, I’ve added potted plants to our dining room. The blue ceramic pots add a subtle pop of color and freshness to our space. A a simple rug at our backdoor pulls everything together. It’s a little thing, but as they say, “a little goes a long way.” If you’re only able to do one thing for your home this season, just add flowers. It will make all the difference!

So how do you spruce up your home for spring? Let’s inspire one another. Leave your comment below. Then visit these 5 other ladies to see just how they freshen up their space for spring. Thanks for stopping by!

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