The Value of Taking a Hiatus

I don’t have a job where I can just call in when I’m sick to say that I’m not coming to work. Class isn’t canceled if the teacher doesn’t show up. An although a substitute teacher can take my place, I still have to leave detailed lesson plans for the school day. It takes a lot of time and effort to be out of the classroom when you’re an educator. For that reason, many teachers don’t take a day off. We get into the habit of waiting for school holidays to care for themselves. When the holiday arrives, instead of resting, we’re cleaning house, visiting the doctor/dentist, moving, redecorating, etc. We do anything other than taking care of ourselves.

I’m writing from an educator’s point of view, but really it’s Any Mother’s Point of View. As moms we’re constantly putting ourselves second place. We’re often afraid that “the world” will fall apart if we take a little time for ourselves. I’m guilty of this too! Last summer. I suffered a missed miscarriage during the final week of school. I should have stayed home, but instead I took half days, not wanting my students to be stuck with a substitute teacher the entire time. I paid dearly for that decision later on. I was an emotional mess all summer because I didn’t give myself the needed time to heal.

Six weeks ago, a fellow teacher had a personal crisis in his life and had to be away from school for a week. Before learning if he could return to work or not, his teaching position had been given away to another person. These two events taught me an essential life lesson: Although we’re valuable to our employers, we’re just a small cog in the machine. The world will not stop if we don’t show up to work. They’ll simply find someone else and move on. It’s a sad thought- but it has to be this way. Order must be maintained, especially when working with young children.

This year, I’ve learned to practice self care, to take a hiatus from the day to day grind and do a little self care. Here are my top favorite things to do:

  • Visit Barnes & Noble Book Store. While there I read a magazine while sitting in the cafe with a cup of tea. (Cost: Free, unless I get $2 Tea)
  • Book an in-home manicure/pedicure with Cherry Nails (Cost $30) *Visit or call 469-708-9023 to book your appointment. Use my code: Sassyteacherchic to receive a discount.
  • Get a Massage at Hiatus Spa + Retreat (Cost $50) They’re now open in Fort Worth on Crockett Row and offer monthly memberships for all of their services. One let’s you try it all!
  • I have now a monthly gym membership a Fitness Connection. They have a daycare so I can always work-out. Aside from taking a class, I enjoy watching my favorite Netflix show while walking on the tread-mill. Then I sit in the warm sauna for another 15 minutes before jumping in a cool shower. (Cost $10 per month)
  • I’m now in love with the Signature facial from Milk + Honey. It’s a great way to relax while caring for my skin. They’re now open at the Shops at Clearfork here in Fort Worth. Ask for Tara! (Cost $125)
  • I love taking my travel blanket and visiting the AMC Dine-In Theatre or Movie Tavern for date night. Both locations have a bar in case you want to visit for happy hour, and delicious menu options. (Cost $15)
  • I like to get my hair done. It’s taken some time, but I’ve found 4 hair stylist who I really like, and that work within my price range. I can wash my hair all by myself, but there’s nothing like having my scalp massaged and washed by a pro. (Cost $70)
  • Take a weekend getaway. Recently, I decided to use two personal days + the weekend, to visit our friends in North Carolina. What a great experience! (Cost $150 Southwest Airfare)

If I don’t take time for ourselves, then we’ll burn out, and have nothing left to give- physically and emotionally. I hope that you’ll borrow one of my tips and make time for yourself. What’s are your favorite self care tips? Comment below. I’d love to have another favorite to and add to my list. Thanks for stopping by!


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