My 2020 Travel Gear & Tech Essentials

Our family has traveled a lot over the last few years. As a result, we’ve narrowed down exactly what gear and tech essentials we need to make any vacation a great one!

  1. Travel Pro Carry On Luggage– this luggage os affordable, easy to manage, and comes in a variety of colors.
  2. Barrington Gifts Saint Ann Zippered Tote– When sticking to the city, the Saint Ann Zippered tote bag fulfills all of my needs as a secondary bag. I use it to hold all of my toiletries, inflight essentials, identification, and wallet. It’a great for a quick weekend getaway to pair with my luggage.
  3. Ameshield Granite Series Backpack– When I know that we’ll be gone longer, or be mostly outdoors- I switch my tote bag for a backpack. love being hands free in the airport! My Granite Series backpack allows me to do just that. The compartments are wonderful too! Once we arrive, I often use the backpack for our outdoor adventures. *Use my code: Sassyjgm for 20% off a bag for your next adventure.
  4. Ben Sherman Luggage- when we need to take more than our carry one bags, our Ben Sherman bag has become our go to. The hard case is durable, but lightweight, keeping us under our checked bag weight limit. It also looks great!
  5. My Tag Alongs Tech Pouch– this pouch the perfect to hold all of chargers and earbuds. The photo on the front lets everyone know what’s side.
  6. Skull Candy Headphones– I almost always watch movies in flight. Once, we reach our destination, I’ll wear the headphones while I workout. For the past few years, the Skull Candy have been my go to. They quality and price point are a good match.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tablet– while in flight, I usually read a book or watch a movie. Other times, Jocelyn plays a game. We do all of this on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. We always download everything before we travel to make travel easier. Not all flights have tv. By having a tablet for entertainment, we always have something to do in flight. This is crucial when traveling with children.
  8. The Fuji X-T3 Camera– I asked Jason if could only take one camera, what would it be. He choose his Fuji X-T3 because of its amazing photo quality along with it’s video capability.
  9. Mavic 2 Pro Drone– Jason has a number of drones. However, when asked which one he would take on any vacation, he choose the Mavic 2 Pro. The compact size makes it extremely travel friendly!
  10. Osmo Moblie Handheld Gimbal– we both enjoying using the Osmo Hanheld Gimbal. It easily stabilizes any video that we shot in our phones. Between Instastories, TickToc, etc- we shoot a lot of video.
  11. Manfrotto Tripod– We looked everywhere for a quality tripod that would fit inside a carry one bag. We’ve found exactly what we need in the Manfrotto Compact Tripod. It’s portable and well made for our needs.
  12. Manfrotto Advanced Backpack– Jason keeps all of his camera gear in his Manfroto Backpack. The padded interior keeps everything safe, which providing great organization.
  13. Microsoft Surface Book– Jason’s Microsoft Surface Book does everything his desktop computer will do, but in a compact size. (Do you notice a theme here?) His favorite aspect is being able to use it as a tablet or a laptop.
  14. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus– I absolutely love Samsung Galaxy Note phones. I owned the Note 5, Note 8, and now the Note 10 Plus. Why do I stick with the Samsung Note phones? It’s due to the brilliant screen, the size, fast processor, and most of all- that stylus. The stylus makes editing photos on my phone so easily.
  15. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – I love keeping track of my fitness, even when we travel. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 let’s me do that and more! I’ve love the convenience of sending/recieving phone calls, text messages, and pictures all from my wrist. Listening to music on my wrist is super easy. However, my favorite feature is being able to match my watch face to my outfit. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch is a digital fashionista’s dream come true.

I hope this list helps you plan your next vacation, whether you’re flying or driving. Where are you off to in 2020? Please leave me a comment below.


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