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I follow my "Rule of Thumb" when wearing shorts.

I follow my “Rule of Thumb” when wearing shorts.

It’s June 1st, and the warm weather is here! Summer (my least favorite season) will soon be upon us. Many of us will trade in our jeans and pant for shorts. Understandably, shorts are not for everyone. However, those of us who enjoy them, here are some tips to get you started.


  1. The more mature in age, the longer the inseam.
  2. The less tones your legs are, the longer the inseam.
  3. Remember gym class?  To always be safe, choose shorts that are fingertip length or longer.
  4. Taller ladies, understand that you may have to use your thumbs (or wrist). I am on the taller side, so I personally follow my “Rule of Thumb.”  I never purchase shorts that are shorter than my thumbs when my arms are at my side. The result for my long & lank body is a 4.5 inch inseam.  Never shorter!
  5. Sometimes a pair of shorts will be the correct length, but the material is too loose around my thighs. This allows the shorts to ride up, potentially revealing my derriere.  Skip those shorts!  Conclusion, be cautious of the material your shorts made of.
Mid length shorts are more comfortable and preferred by most body types and weight.

Mid length shorts are more comfortable and preferred by most body types and weight.

Most people feel more comfortable in mid length or longer pair of shorts. You’ll find that most brands that target mature, yet fashionable, women carry mid length shorts.

  • Calvin Klein
  • J. Crew
  • Banana Republic
  • Ann Taylor
  • Loft
  • Talbots
  • Kohl’s
  • Old Navy Everyday Twill Shorts

These are just a few locations to get you started.  Remember, to ensure that the shorts taper throughout the thigh to maintain a slimmer silhouette. What about shorts in the work place?  Stay tuned for the next post.




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