Balancing Style and Comfort with a Poncho

After looking at so many fashionistas, it’s easy to begin feeling like you have to be “dressed to the nines” to look nice. However, there is one article of clothing that can easily be both stylish and comfortable. It’s the poncho!  Perhaps you’ve noticed more poncho being worn as temperatures are falling. Classic knits, fringe, bold color, or more nuetral tones- a poncho can add style and flare to just about any outfit.  Here are some options/ tips for wearing ponchos.

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”

1. First and foremost, remember lose on the top, tight on the bottom. Pair your poncho with skinny jeans to avoid looking swallowed by your clothing.20161124181242_img_22972. Want to play it safe?  Choose a neutral color, but keep it interesting with a unique texture.20161124181244_img_2298_13. Go bold and play with color by picking a poncho with a vibrant print. Or add a brightly colored top underneath your poncho for a dash of color.20161124181259_img_23044. Look trendy with fringe details.20161124181327_img_23085. Don’t forget to add jewelry.  A long necklace lengthens your shape and keeps you balanced.20161124181212_img_2294

I’m really enjoying the Khaki Eyelet Fringe Hem Asymmetrical Poncho Sweater from Romwe. It’s the perfect neutral hue for fall.  Neutral colors are more versatile and allow more pairing options. The playful fringe and the unique knit pattern save this simple piece from boredom. Tonight we are headed to a friend’s house for movies and board games.  Turn a simple jeans and t-shirt look into something stylish just by adding a poncho!  How do you like to wear ponchos? Please comment below.


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