20170320164032_IMG_5807-01Road trips with small children are often very eventful. The crying, complaining, constant stops for the restroom can make many parents fearful of roadtips-myself included.  I’d much rather fly and just get there.

However, over the years we have figured out a few tricks to make road tips easier for everyone in the family.

  1. If we are driving longer than 4 hours, we drive overnight.
  2. We take lots of snacks, stickers, books, and toys.
  3. We load movies and games on an old phone/tablet.

For Spring Break, our family made the easy 3 hours drive from Fort Worth, TX to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Reserve in Oklahoma. After rock climbing and buffalo watching we drove another hour over to Oklahoma City to explore the gardens, parks, and museums. It was an easy 4 hour drive for all of us. Jocelyn spent the time playing with her toys, drawing in a book, and watching her favorite shows.20170320163919_IMG_5778-02Before leaving Fort Worth, Jason downloaded Jocelyn’s favorite shows on an old phone. (Be sure to download your child’s shows so you do have to worry about losing web/cellphone signal.)  We then gave her a pair of Specter ELUX Sports headphones to use and it made the trip enjoyable for everyone.  The headphones offer:

  • 12 hour battery life
  • Premium Sound
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Water Resistant
  • Adjustable
  • Fashionable style
  • Light Weight
  • Hands free phone calls
  • Headset Controls
  • Noise Cancellation

It took less than one minute to turn on the bluetooth setting and pair the phone to the headphones before getting on the road. Being wireless, there were no cords for Jocelyn to get tangled up in, or to chew on. (You parents know exactly what I mean!)  The Specter ELUX headphones were a perfect fit, easily staying on her head, and not pressing into her ears.  We didn’t have one complaint the entire trip to and from Oklahoma. Jocelyn could easily control the volume by herself with the simple button located on the side of the headphones. 20170320163906_IMG_5764-01The housing of the headphones are a hard plastic, and the earpieces are a soft vinyl like material.  This was wonderful! It allowed me to easily wipe off the grease fingerprints left over from Jocelyn’s Chick-fil-a waffles fries. Being water resistant, I wasn’t worried at all about the moisture of the wipes.

Best of all, allowing Jocelyn to use the headphones saved us from hearing 20 episodes of the Octonauts. It’s not that I don’t like my “creature report, creature report,” (theme song from Octonauts). It was just so nice to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband or to merely snooze as the time flew by. When Jocelyn grew tired of the headphones she took them off and joined in the conversation. Being 6 years old, she didn’t remember to turn off the headphones. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the headphones shut themselves off when media isn’t playing after 5 to 7 minutes. This saved the battery life! (What an Awesome feature!) We arrived at our destination with no meltdowns or tears.

20170320164459_IMG_5820-01What about adults use? I stick to my workout schedule even on vacation. With their snug, yet painless hold, Specter Sports Headphones easily stayed on during my morning run.  With their light padding, the fashionable headband overs just the right amount of comfort. You can easily remove the underside of the headband from the housing. I like this feature because it made it easy to clean the headphones after sweating.  I also found the rectanglar shape of ear piece more comfortable than rounded earpieces. Being rectangular, the earpiece easily sit on my ears instead of digging into them.

However, my favorite aspect is the sound! Specter ELUX Sports Headphones sound superb. They offer dynamic, crystal clear, rich sound with absolutely no feedback! Outside sounds are mostly shut out with the noise cancellation feature. With the headset being linked to my phone via Bluetooth it was so easy to answer a phone call as I trudged along. And did I mention how light weight they are! No wonder my daughter easily kept them on her head. (At only $99 with excellent quality and superb sound-watch out beats.)

These headphones have made road trippin’ with our child a breeze. In my opinion, they are a travel (and workout) essential. With everyone in the family able to use them- I won’t leave home without them. As they say kid tested- Mom approved: I highly recommend them! So are you going anywhere for vacation soon? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to know!


DSC00012-01Spring is my favorite season of the year! Gone are the heavy winter coats. Out come the light jackets, rainboots, and sundresses. I love Spring days with the crisp cool air, the return of color after winter, and no bugs! I live in Texas ya’ll and the bugs are big and everywhere. However, Spring is always free of mosquitos and gnats because it’s been cold. Only the good bugs are out this time of year: ladybugs, honeybees, and butterflies.

Spring brings music and art festivals, The Memorial, the return of outdoor picnics, barbecue cookouts, and lovely weddings! (We were married in the Spring too. Our wedding anniversary is April 16th.) I could go on and on about my favorite season of the year.

With so many events on the horizon, I discovered the perfect top for a lovely Spring day. The Pink Crisscross V-Neck Split Back Shirt from Rome is lightweight and feminine, yet definitely dramatic! I love the billowly bell sleeves and the criss-cross details. When combined with white jeans and a basic white camisole, this bell sleeved shirt really stands out. By pairing this Spring outfit with touches of animal print, it takes on a more sophisticated feel. DSC00008-01 DSC00009-01(2)DSC00022-01Online, the shirt is listed as pink. However, it seems more peach than pink to my eye. I love this uncommon soft color. I choose size small and it fit perfectly. *For reference my bust is 35 inches; my waist is 27 inches, and hips are 38 inches.) I really appreciate the fabric quality of this lovely top. It flowl, feels light weight, and looks sheer without being too thin. At less than $20 US, this dramatic top won’t hurt my teacher’s budget! I will definitely wear it again and again this Spring!  If you’re interested in these pieces, I’ve linked them here for you. {Shirt} {White Jeans} {Earrings} {Necklace} {Sunglasses}   Pssst! The jewelry is much cheaper via Rocksbox! Use my code: Sassyteacherchicxoxo to get your first month free. {Rocksbox Earrings} {Rocksbox Necklace}  As for the handbag, I picked it up last Spring on clearance.  You can find a few preowned on Ebay and Poshmark.  Search for: MICHAEL KORS RILEY LARGE PYTHON SNAKE EMBOSSED LEATHER SATCHEL.  I hope you find all this helpful!!DSC00018-01So what is your favorite season and why? Am I the only Spring lover? Please leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


PhotoGrid_1487796568158Online shopping has really changed the way people purchase things. With just the click of a button you can order just about anything.  Now with the innovation of subscription services, you don’t just purchase an item. You now have the ability to try on items in the privacy of your home before committing to them. Then you can return the pieces that you don’t want.  Do the names of JustFab, Rocksbox, and StichFix ring a bell? Now Warby Parker has joined the club.

“The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

snapseed-01Warby Parker is a vintage-inspired eyeglass company which offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses starting at $95. an Warby Parker believes that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket.  What really sets them apart from other eyeglass companies is the Home Try-On.  How does it work?PhotoGrid_1487796243453

  1. Select 5 frames to try out for 5 days and they will ship them to you for free!
  2. Make it your own by purchasing online and they’ll send you a fresh new pair!
  3. Once your 5 days are up, place your box in the mail with the prepaid return label. Done!

What was my experience like?

I went online and picked out 5 pairs to try at home.  They arrived quickly and my husband and I spent some time laughing in the mirror as I tried on pair after pair.  I have a small face and have a very hard time finding sunglasses.  I finally decided that I like the Haskell pair the very best.  I like the tortoiseshell burt orange color. They’re slightly over sized but do not overwhelm my face.  They’re timeless! This is exactly the look I want for our upcoming trip this summer. (Location reveal coming soon!)  I love the sturdiness of the frames and feel they are comparable to Rayban sunglasses. Best of all, I love the polarized lenses.  This greatly cuts down on glare which I needed being an contact lens wearer.IMG_20170217_205749_194PhotoGrid_1487795714058PhotoGrid_1487796568158Are you in the market for new sunglasses or prescription glasses?  Try out Warby Parker. I think you’ll like them.


PhotoGrid_1486607164325In our fast paced world, you can obtain just about anything with the click of a button. This includes, fast food, fast shipping, and even fast fashion.  However, there is often a trade off for this speed.  Fast food is known for having poor nutritional value. Fast shipping is often expensive. Fast fashion is often poorly made and sometimes immodest. Time and time again, I have fallen in love with a dress only to realize it’s too short, too tight, or has holes in all the wrong places. Has this happened to you? It’s a big let down. The last two dress that I fell in love with had to be worn as tunics because they were too short. It just seems that the two words, modest and fashionable,  just don’t seem to go together in this day and age.

However, at RnD Finds, modest and fashionable go hand in hand. Daisy and Rebeca, a mother and daughter team, sell new handmade custom clothing as well as and pre-loved items. Their shop carries the motto:” You can be a fashionista in a modest way.”

“You can be a fashionista in a modest way.” RnD Finds

This beautiful blue peplum dress from RnD Finds speaks for itself. The vibrant color really stand outs.  The material is soft, not see through, and most certainly easy to clean. However, the custom fit of this RnD Finds dress is everything!  I measured it so that it would cover my knees even with I’m sitting.  The notch neckline adds style without being too low cut. The zippered back makes the dress easy put on and take.  The cap sleeves were perfect for our transitional Spring temperatures. Best of all, the peplum waist line is great for concealing a not so flat tummy. Understandably, I’m in love with this dress.  Best of all, the process was so easy.

  1. I selected the style of dress I wanted from RnD Finds Instagram page.
  2. The lovely ladies at RnD sent me photos of the material they had available.
  3. I was emailed a form to fill for the measurements of my dress.  They also included a detailed YouTube Video to help me correctly measurement for my dress. If uncomfortable measuring, you can visit see your local dry cleaners or fabric store to help you take the measurement for your dress.  I strongly recommend that you do this!  A 2nd opinion, from a professional, is always best.
  4. I submitted my measurements along with my payment to RnD Finds.
  5. Wait
  6. Enjoy my new dress!

“A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.” ― Edith Head, The Dress Doctor

PhotoGrid_1486601175032PhotoGrid_1486602005009PhotoGrid_1486603005004PhotoGrid_1486601261650If you desire modest yet fashionable clothing, consider RnD Finds! And do be afraid to have a dress custom made. A perfect fit really is everything and above all: “leave a little mystery in life- dress modestly.” Thanks so much for stopping by.


PhotoGrid_1485831505197I cannot tell you how many times I been so excited for cooler weather and have ended up dressing too warm.  Why? The mornings start off cold. I pull on my sweater and boots only to end up sweating like a pig later that afternoon when the sun comes out. Conversely, after a long cold winter I’m super excited for Spring. This time, I wear my favorite floral maxi dress only to end up freezing later on when the cold front comes in. Yes, it can really be a challenge to figure out what to wear when transitioning from one season to the next!

The answer: neutrals!

“With good basics you’ll have endless options.” -Kapten & Son

Neutrals are seasonless because they are basic colors. Black, tan, white, gray, cream, and camel can be easily paired with just about everything. And when put together they make the perfect color palette to transition from one season to the next.

The Black and White Colorblock Dress is a great example of a neutral color palette than can go from Winter to Spring. I love the soft material! Size small was the perfect fit for me. At 5 feet 7 inches tall, the dress hits my legs mid thigh. I choose to wear this dress as a tunic by placing black skinny jeans underneath. With 3/4 quarter length sleeves I was not too hot in the sun, nor too cold in the Spring Breezes. Today’s high was a sunny 75°F. With a full day of sun in the forecast, I choose to add more neutrals to this look with the tan wedges and matching a handbag. However, had there been overcast clouds on the horizon I would have paired my dress (now a tunic) with sleek black over the knee boots and a matching handbag for warmth.PhotoGrid_1485831732164PhotoGrid_1485831271353PhotoGrid_1485831205607PhotoGrid_1485831360362What about jewelry? I like sticking with metallic jewelry. Gold looks best against the warm tones of my skin. This time Rocksbox, a monthly jewelry subscription company, sent me rose gold. I was really surprised to enjoy the softness of of the rose gold.  I’m now a fan. Which do you prefer? Gold, Rose, Gold or Silver?  Please leave me a comment below.  Try out Rocksbox for a month free when you use my code: SASSYTEACHERCHICXOXO. These pieces from Kendra Scott were the perfect touch for the Black and White Color block Dress. Check them out here: [EARRINGS] [NECKLACE]

However, if you are not interested in Rocksbox then you can purchase the pieces directly from KendRa Scott by clicking here. {EARRINGS} {NECKLACE} No matter what, neutrals are the best way to go as temperatures fluctuate up and down! Thanks for stopping by.