JG_05187-01Freedom at last!  That’s how so many of us feel once the weekend or vacation arrives.  Fall break is here for many of us. Thanksgiving allows time off work to travel and spend time with our families.  We abandon our workday routine, and even our workday wardrobes, to indulge in much needed relaxation and playtime.  However, there’s no need to completely abandon your work wardrobe when playing. You should have a wardrobe that you live in. By mixing and accessorizing pieces that you normally wear for work, you can easily create outfits to suit your needs when playing on the weekend or when traveling. I’ve partnered with J. Crew Factory to show you three easy ways to go “from work to play.”  J. Crew Factory is a great place to find classic J. Crew style at discounted prices.  I love their daily deals, great quality, and excellent customer care. For a limited time, students and teachers receive a 15% discount now thru December 31, 2017.

“I don’t think of work as work, and play as play.  It’s all living.”

Outfit 1

The Printed Quilted Puffer Vest has become an iconic J. Crew piece.  It’s black and white pattern goes so easily with just about anything.  For work, I wear a basic white shirt and black dress slacks.  However, by pairing this vest with a black turtle neck shirt, black skinny jeans, and boots (ankle or over the knee) this classic piece is suddenly very chic and sophisticated.  It’s a great look for the jet setter who wants to hit the ground running once they step off the airplane.  The vest will keep you warm, but not too hot, in the airplane cabin.  By wearing your boots onto the plane you save space in your carry-on bag.JG_04782-01JG_04753-01JG_04717-01


Outfit 2

Is it date night? Are you meeting family and friends for dinner? I love a little black dress and stilettos.  However, this time of year, I find myself feeling too cold in my little black dresses.  And let’s just face it, after managing a classroom of 8 year olds, sometimes the last thing I’m looking forward to is walking in a pair of high heels. I want comfort as well as appeal.  The key- just the right amount of animal print. For the school day, I wore a mustard turtleneck and my basic black slacks to work. For a dinner date, the same mustard turtleneck paired with skinny jeans and leopard flats sends this look to a whole new level. Amp it up a notch with a leopard print clutch if you have one. If not, your structured work bag will still look great with this outfit.



Outfit 3

Are you planning to wander the halls of a museum, meet up with a friends for lunch, or chase kiddos on a play-date? A bright crew neck sweater and comfy jeans topped with a plaid scarf is the perfect way to go! Finish it off with cognac boots (ankle or tall boots). Grab your trusty cross-body bag and you’re all set for the day. Color is the key in this outfit.  The bold color of the sweater against the classic plaid scarf makes this outfit equally playful and structured.  This same sweater and scarf than I wore to work with my slacks is now perfect for the weekend by simply adding a scarf. JG_05104-01JG_05122-01JG_05150-01


So there you have it- 3 easy ways to go “from work to play” with J. Crew Factory.  I’ve linked all pieces for you in this post.  Just tap the links to be taken directly to each item.  You can also visit J. Crew Factory stores to find even more pieces that you can utilize at work, at play, at living. Find a J. Crew Factory store near you and check out their latest styles for fall and winter.  Their classic pieces, timeless styles, excellent quality, and affordable prices make great gifts for both yourself and others! J. Crew Factory has put together a Gift Giving Guide for inspiration. Be sure to visit them during Black Friday. Right now everything is 50% off in stores and online. Last, don’t forget to enter the J. Crew Factory Sweepstakes before 12/7/2017. J. Crew Factory is awarding 14 giftcards in the amount of $300 and 1 giftcard in the amount of $500 to it’s winners. Pretty cool!  So, besides hurrying to a J. Crew Factory Store near you, what are you planning to do over your Fall Break from school or work?  Leave me a comment below. I’d love to know.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


jmg-021-01We teachers live from bell to bell, literally!  Everything must be organized and completed in a timely fashion when working with 20 plus children. Even with today’s technology a wristwatch is still essential in the classroom. This is especially the case when administering state benchmarks and test throughout the school year.  Administrations want teachers monitoring students, therefore cell phones and computers are not allowed as they “disrupt the testing environment.” Dang it-there goes my digital clock! Since we need a watch to function throughout the work day, why not choose a fashionable one?

Last year, I choose the Zebrawood & Champange Frankie 35 Series wood watch by Jord.  The neutral tones allowed me to use this piece over and over again.  In a year’s time, the glass has not scratched or cracked, the wood has not warped, nor the clap bent.  I’m blown away by the amazing quality! It is no surprise I decided to choose another Jord watch. When I saw the green face of against the Dark Sandalwood & Mint of the Frankie 35 Series I knew it was “mint to be.”  As Jord says,”Minimalism has never equated to more. Cooling mint couples with warmly toned Sandalwood to create a perfect balance of tone and temperature. The ultra slim case is complemented with a straight line strap. All the while, the uncomplicated face allows focus and offers style.” For a second time, I’m obsessed with my new Jord wood watch! The size of Frankie Series 35 doesn’t overwhelm my small wrist. During fall, when so many color plates are deep and dark, the vibrant mint green is cool and refreshing!  It easily stands out against fall’s blanket scarves and warm knits, bringing color to overcast days. (In some lighting the mint appears darker and mysterious!) The cool tones of the mint can easily be worn the in the spring months, as the days gradually warm up again.  During the summer season, the mint is refreshing and lively, making this wrist watch both stylish and timeless!jmg-019-01jmg-014-01Not only is the watch beautiful, but the cedar wood case is just as lovely! The lid is anchored in place by magnets which do not detract from the clean lines of this perfect wooden box.  An added feature to this year’s cases are the hidden drawers on the bottom of each wood box. The drawer slides easily in and out, making it the perfect place to store extra links, batteries, a cleaning cloth, and Jord Preserve cleaning oil. The Jord Preserve is a custom-formulated cleaning oil created specifically for the care of wood watches. 100% natural with no artificial chemicals. It’s ideal for cleaning and conditioning your timepiece.JG_04589-01I think Jord is would make a very special gift for a loved one or a little something for yourself! Both men’s and women’s watches are available to choose from. Personalized engraving is now available for the Frankie 35 Series wooden watches! Your message will be engraved on the back-plate of the watch. You can also engrave the cedar watch box with anything you want! Write a special note to the recipient, upload your logo/monogram, or provide a handwritten message to be engraved directly on the side of the box! And don’t worry about batteries or sizing, the Jord team can size your watch to fit before it arrives. The JORD repair team will also gladly replace your battery. Simply complete an RMA request and one of our repair specialists will get back with you quickly to let you know the costs and timeline associated with replacing your battery.  Stylish, functional, unique, and well made- why not try a wood watch for yourself? Recieve 25% off a watch by clicking here, good thru December 19, 2017 at 11:59pm.  Thanks so much for stopping by!IMG_20171106_174825_221-01*This is a sponsored post.

Watch Gift Ideas


JG_04066(2)-02Life never seems to stop!  Week after week there is more required of me to meet the needs of my students. As a first grader, my daughter is now taking “real” test.  Nightly we are practicing her spelling words and reading story after story.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, homework, errands, grocery shopping….the list is never ending.  There are so many times where I wish I could pause time so I can get everything done! It then dawned on me that I needed to “work smarter, not harder.”  Here are 3 time savers that have really helped me.

  • Online Grocery Shopping.  So many stores in Fort Worth now offer online grocery shopping with free pick-up.  Every other Sunday night, I meal plan and create my grocery list.  Before watching Poldark (love that show) I order everything I need for 2 weeks and schedule it to be picked up the next day.  After school, I drive to the grocery store where my bags are loaded into the back of my car.  Voila!  My shopping is done and I’m home before 4pm to begin Jocelyn’s homework.
  • Yard Service.  Not a native Texan, my husband suffers from terrible hay fever.  He has even taken steroids to keep it under control.  Therefore, I’ve been our “yard guy”.  Before Jocelyn’s birth, each week I was able to mow, edge, and blow our yard.   However, with the arrival of our little one- things changed.  Working in the Texas heart caused my milk supply to dwindle.  This is a nursing mother’s worst nightmare!! So we budgeted to have a yard service mow our lawn each week and my milk restored itself.  For the past 4 year’s we’ve hired Neal’s Lawn Care a local Fort Worth Business. (817) 531-0061. At $25-$35 week they mow, edge, and blow both the front and back yards of your home- they have been a lifesaver.
  • Recently, I’ve really enjoyed using OnDemand Care Car, a great new service in the Fort Worth area.  They will come to your location and clean your vehicle for you!  Maintaining a clean car is a necessity when you’re transporting young children to and from school during the week, and friends on the weekends during the ministry. With OnDemand Car Care you can:
    • *Pick any of our car care options from cleaning to maintenance and we will return it back on time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
    • Whatever time period works for you. We can clean your car every week, every other month, every 3000 miles. You’re in the driver’s seat and can stop anytime. Best part is you receive frequency discounts on all other services you use as well.
    • Cancel anytime. No contracts or commitments. Use us once or cancel in a few clicks.
    • Optional fuel fill-up* with no service charge.
      -Tires checked for pressure and wear.
      -Review of general mechanical condition.
      *fuel in addition

After looking at all of the benefits, I decided to try out this new car cleaning service.SmartSelectImage_2017-10-30-12-17-54I scheduled the company come to my school and clean the car.  The day of the cleaning, I met the OnDemand Car Care Specialist (Lee) in the school parking lot during my lunch break.  He provided me with a link so that I had all of his information, exactly what and was being done to my car, and where it was located. In less than 90 minutes, my vehicle was completely cleaned, superbly detailed, and right back in the same parking spot it was that morning. JG_04140-01JG_04148-01JG_04060-01Afterwards Lee, the Car Care Specialist, sent me a message letting me know that my vehicle was finished.  He then left my keys with the school secretary. How wonderful it was to slide into a newly cleaned car at the end of the workday.  Even the wheels had been washed by hand! All of my personal items, like my phone charger, where cleaned and accounted for. I couldn’t be more pleased with my hassle free car care. Indeed, OnDemand Care Car is a great time saver for busy mothers!  Now all I needed to do what pickup groceries after work.  What a great new service for Fort Worth.  Please try it for yourself:  Take $20 off with my code #SassyTeacherChic  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the service just as much as I have! Thanks for stopping by.


IMG_1508138771040Sweaters, jackets, boots and scarves…fall is here! However, our North Texas fall temperatures seem to change from hour to hour. I’ve left my home on a cool October morning, dressed in the cutest fall attire, only to return sweating uncomfortably on what many would call a summer afternoon. Yes, I’ve learned the hard way that layering is the way to go! And nothing says fall like plaid. IMG_1508138435638Last week’s fall post was about scarves. This week, let’s focus on wraps, ponchos, and ruanas. (👗A ruana is a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia.) Any one of these pieces can turn a basic white tee shirt and jeans outfit into a stylish look for fall. This green plaid ruana from Francescas is ever so soft.  I really love the pom pom details. Put it on when you’re too cool or take it off when you’re too warm- and you’ll be comfortable all day long. By adding booties in a similar hue the whole ensemble is perfect for a North Texas fall day.



IMG_1508139100778Are you inspired to add a few stylish pieces to your fall wardrobe? Shop for a cause at North East Mall. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Now through October 31st, 2017 receive 15% to 25% off an item, from participating retailers like Francescas, when you purchase a $5 discount card to support of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Learn more by clicking here. Also, please take a moment to read about my dear Aunt Barbara and why I personally Shop For A Cause. Thanks so much for stopping by!IMG_1508140227945


jenna-10-01-081-01Each year I find myself in a delimma- do I like Fall or Spring better? Both seasons offer relief from the extreme temperatures. Fall brings relief from heat of summer and Spring brings relief from the bitter cold of winter. Both seasons beckon you with festivals, picnics, and colorful scenery. I love the flower shower of spring trees just as much as I love the reds and golden leaves of fall. Best of all, both seasons allow you change of your style. The quickest way to do this is with accessories. jenna-10-01-083-01

And just like that Summer fell into Fall.”

1. Ankle Booties

2. Blanket Scarves

3. Ponchos/Kimonons

4. Felt Hats

5. Light weight knits

6. Moto Jackets (Suede & Leather)

These are all chic ways to change your style for Fall. It takes a while for fall temperatures to arrive here in Texas. The days slowly grow cooler and this process seems to take FOREVER! We can easily dress for summer clear into October. Therefore, we Southern ladies have to be creative in our use of accessories to capture the essence of the season.jenna-10-01-159-01Today’s focus is on scarves. A simple and stylish way to “look like fall”, when it doesn’t “feel like fall”, is to add a scarf.  Light weight, colorful, and soft- a blanket scarf is the least expensive way to change of style for both spring and fall. Wear it as a wrap, drape it over your shoulders, tie it as a scarf- there are so many ways to wear a blanket scarf.  They also come in an array of colors (orange, yellow, pinks, blues). This year, the gray & light blue plaid scarf from www.ilymix.com instantly caught my eye. I love how the blue breaks up the gray. By layering it over my basic gray dress, I was stylish and chic for the school day. The light colors can easily be worn in both in Spring & Fall.  Use my code SassyTeacherChic 20 for a discount. Stay tune for more fall tips thanks for stopping by!